Choose among 3 different erotic intensities

Lola has the perfect massage for you. Check the different erotic intensity options, from the relaxing massage to the extremely erotic body to body massage. You can also decide the session length in time, starting with a 60 minutes version or having the privilege to enjoy her sensual and erotic wisdom for 2 hours.


Couple massage: enjoy a massage with your spouse

Lola Can serve you both at the same time. Or she can bring her fellow Masseur Dani or a female masseuse, as you prefer. Check the price options of erotic intensity, from medium erotic to extremely DELUXE erotic massage. You can also decide the session length in time: from a minimum —and always too short— 90 minutes version to the full 2 hours experience.


Time flies under Lola's blissful hands, body and breasts. You will know and understand this as soon as you meet her and put yourself under her magic. Be smart and book a 90 minutes session — just in case!


Hatha Massage

The HATHA massage, as its name indicates, means serenity and calm. It’s the result of a combination of different TANTRIC techniques such as the Lomi Lomi Thai massage, “pressures and caresses through all your body, varying with the “Nuad Thai” technique, massages using feet, and letting you get carried away by an erotic body to body until arriving to the Lingam massage….


This massage is receptive, you cannot interact.


Relaxation means calm, serenity, empty your mind under the sweetest and most sensual touch of Lola. This massage includes the famous Lingam massage or erogen massage. It’s a receptive massage, which means that you cannot touch Lola.

Her basic Tantra massage will transport you through an amazing trip far away from your stress and worries. You will not want to return to your routine after finishing this massage.

For this massage, Lola uses its hands, forearms and a limited time of body to body massage.


60 minutes: 120 €

90 minutes: 180 €






Padma Massage

A complete proposal between excitement and relaxation during the session. Based in the Nirvana and Tantra, you will enjoy the exchange of caresses and energies with a very erotic interaction. In this massage I will work with my hands, forearms, and a long and sensual body to body massage, combining it with different poses to make the interaction more comfortable… Lingam Massage, and prostate massage if you desire..


Just in the middle of the relaxing massage and the extremely erotic massage, you can find this menu, which has a bit of both. Forget the diary stress and dive in Lola’s ocean of sensuality.

It includes prostate massage if you wish.

This massage will make truth your most special dreams. Combine the calm with an unique erotic kindness of Lola.


60 minutes: 150 €

90 minutes: 200 €

120 minutes: 250 €




Extremely erotic NURU massage

This is the most jaw-dropping and mind-blowing erotic massage you could ever imagine. Lola will drive you through the whole world of erotic grips and body to body massage using the Japanes Nuru-gel. It is not only body to body or lingam massage, it is a mind-to-mind and body to body super gliding skin connection. Beyond description. This menu includes the largest amount of erotic oriental grips including Nuad-Thay, using Lola's feet to massage you. This is the fullest, the complete and the hottest erotic massage in the world!


Lola's extremely erotic NURU massage fulfills the most demanding and expert customers. Please have in mind it is not sex, though it comes very close. Lola will use her breasts and her full body to deliver an amazing body to body sexy gliding nuru-massage. Lola never performs oral sex and no penetration.


60 minutes: 200 €

90 minutes: 300 €

120 minutes: 400 €


Includes an erotic shower in the 90 and 120 minutes sessions.





Extremely erotic couple massage

The maximum erotic intensity is also available to share with your wife or girlfriend. This is an amazing experience with lots of improvising. Lola will create a blissful chemistry among you all.


60 minutes: 300 €

120 minutes: 400 €

Lola performing a body-to-body or nuru-massage
Please have in mind that Lola is never performing oral sex nor any kind of penetration. She uses a small thong to hygienically protect her most intimate secret. You can personally deal with her if she feels like removing it —only during the Extremely erotic massage.