Erotic massage Barcelona

What is erotic massage?

Erotic massage is a really special kind of bodywork. Eroticism is a communication game involving all our senses: visuals, touch and skin contact, aromas, light, music. Lola's erotic massage creates a really intimate atmosphere —for your enjoyment.


Erotic massage in Barcelona is going further than regular therapy massage, way into the intimate and personal universe of skin communication. Trust Lola for an amazing experience. She is wise, talented, extremely sexy, beautiful, sensual and giving. Experienced men treasure her professional and tender approach to Tantra massage.



Outcall massage service

Lola can serve you at your hotel (outcall service), for the same price and without charging additional taxi fares (Barcelona city).


Lola's outcall service has several advantages for you: stay your hotel room, save taxis, save time, and on top of all this, you can stay in your own bed, relax and even fall asleep anytime after the massage.


Visiting massage studios always requires you to shower after the massage, dress up again and hit the streets.

Erotic massage: Lola Fellini is the most expert masseuse

In-call massage service

Lola can also serve you at her professional studio downtown in Barcelona.


Sometimes you can't use your hotel room to enjoy this intimate massage, for whatever reason. This is when Lola can also welcome you at her professional and discrete massage studio.


Please contact her to discuss the details as availability, massage options and prices, timing and to discuss whatever questions you have about her service.

When you ask about erotic massage Barcelona and Ibiza you will always hear people mentioning Lola. She is a well known and extremely talented Tantra masseuse. And as if this was not enough, her beauty casts a spell on all the men who dare to book her.